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All products have no preservatives, no added salt and are gluten free.


BBQ Sauce - 16 oz bottle $6.99 case (12 bottles) $69
Ghostly Goodness - 16 oz bottle $9.99 case (12 bottles) $99

  • Traditional Southern Style - this is a traditional Southern style sauce.

  • Maniacal Mango - a sweet sauce with some heat that sneaks up on you.

  • Minnesota Mouth - for those that think black pepper is spicy.

  • Mephisto's Madness - a hot sauce that plays nice with other flavors.

  • Ghostly Goodness - our best seller. This sauce is made with the infamous bhut jalokia (ghost) pepper. The hottest pepper in the world. This sauce was designed with chicken wings in mind. Like all of our sauces, we don't light people on fire. You actually get to taste the wonderful citrus flavor that this pepper has to offer. While not blazing hot, it is not for temder taste pallets either.

Spice Rub - 1.6 oz bag $2.99
Good for most meats except fish.
(the photo to the right is ribs done only with the spice rub)

Chili Seasoning 2.7 oz bag $4.99
The seasoning packet has my award winning chili recipe on the back,
or you can use the seasoning mix in your own recipe.

  • When using for beef and pork mix 1/3 cup spice rub with 2 cups dark brown sugar and cover entire piece of meat.
  • When using for chicken use the spice rub as is, covering the entire chicken or piece of meat.